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Your quest of CRM (EN)

A useful aspect in customer loyalty is mediation when business has come to a stand still.

Mindmap (German, ©R Goebel)

Mediation between companies.

This may sound confusing in the first especially because companies – whether customer, retailer or manufacturer – have their own managers. Namely those specialists from a wide range of departments taking care of stagnation@communication. But especially these professionals are often overloaded in their day to day tasks. Be it in running their departments, taking care of outstanding payments, calming down customer complaints and many likewise cases. That’s their job.

There sometimes seems to be no solution, nor a problem solving approach. Fronts are hardened, payments cease, service discontinues, parts deliveries are being cancelled.

Business comes to a standstill.

Is mediation necessary?

To everything in the world, YES sure is:

Talking to an unphappy customer is one way. Sending someone externally to talk to this very customer makes all the difference. Why so? Because a mediator is independent and will try to solve the entire problem situation to all the best on every side.

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The cost of my activities get quickly covered by the forthcoming re-acquainted business and positive results are the goals we all pursue.

Business as usual with your again happy customer.

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