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Safety @ your jobsite (EN)

Safe Work @ Jobsites.

Any time I visit machines in any country, any location anywhere I realize the amount of risk- and harmful equipment is seeming to become worse instead of less.

But how come you may ask… 

It’s not an easy to answer question: Without a single operator being responsible for „His / Her“ machine but frequently changing drivers the equipment does not undergo a constant daily monitoring but is prone to success finds of dangerous or trappy situations. The frequent change may have some impact on „personally“ watching out for situations while operating the machine which – assumed- was checked by the previous driver only hours ago.

„Done this a hundred times.
No worries.“

A machine designated operator used to concentrate on his own safety when preparing, using, handling and servicing his very machine. With work times and work tasks changing drivers attitudes may also change. The equipment all of a sudden becomes a work place only. With this the bond of personally looking after „my“ very own machine suddenly getting lost. 

The risk of injury, getting tangled up, being trapped etc increases by shift work. Additionally a ‚hurry up and increase your tonnage‘ attitude by companies and their management rises the risks of accidents. Risk of harm is ever present and too often simply ignored or overseen by „has always been – should always be“ attitude @ jobsite. 

Engaging someone externally to look into machines, equipment, plant, work schedules, day to day hand moves and the flow of work makes a lot of sense even if it seems costly in the first place.

The average worker on site does not interfere with such situations as they have always done it this way and there was never a „situation“. But there could be. There will be. There should be a preventive measurement to avoid potential risks.

I am available to visit, inspect and search for danger on your machines, equipment and situations and can make your place a safer jobsite.

Also available for PROTOTYPE machines, plant and equipment.



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